00 Einwohner) in Malawi (17 Milionen Einwohner) Hier ist ein Bericht ..." /> 00 Einwohner) in Malawi (17 Milionen Einwohner) Hier ist ein Bericht ..." />
Das ist die Nachbildung des Kreuzweges von Međugorje auf "dem Kreuzberg" in der nahe
der Stadt Blantyre (728.00 Einwohner)
in Malawi (17 Milionen Einwohner)

Hier ist ein Bericht von einer Studentengruppe:
Last week we took the Catholic student group to a hiking Stations of the Cross set in a mountain outside of Blantyre.
These stations are an exact replica of the stations in Medjugorje where the Virgin Mary has been appearing since 1981 giving the world messages to repent and turn to Christ.

The stations themselves are quite beautiful, bronze coated reliefs of scenes from Christ’s passion and death.

As we meditated on Christ’s suffering we stopped at each station and prayed aloud together. In between the stations the students led songs in both English and Chichewa. To follow the way of the cross, we had to ascend a rocky mountain path that had us quite tired at the end. The physical nature of these stations in a sense helped us more vividly imagine how difficult Christ’s walk to Calvary must have been. Along the way, it began to rain slightly. I immediately thought that we needed to consult as a group about whether or not to continue. The rain didn’t cause the students to hesitate in the slightest. They continued praying and singing, a few taking the measure to put their cell phones into plastic bags that they must have brought along anticipating that very situation. The way of the cross ended at the top of the mountain on which a giant stone cross is erected. Once we reached the cross, we stopped to rest and the students led us in more prayers.

These particular Stations of the Cross are famous among Malawian Catholics. They were commissioned by a Malawian woman who visited Medjugorje and was so touched by the experience that she wanted to share it with all Malawians.

Because our students all come from humble backgrounds though, they had never had a chance to go there, making it a very special trip for them.

The way of the cross holds special significance for Africans. For a people who face suffering as a daily part of life, the suffering of Christ speaks to them in an intimate, powerful way.

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"Kreuzweg von Međugorje" in Malawi, Afrika
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