A film for the Society of Jesus' Jubilee Year 2006, which premiered at Javier, Spain on November 29th, 2005, celebrating the feast of St. Francis Xavier.

In response to Father General Peter Hans Kolvenbach's request for a film honoring Ignatius Loyola, Peter Faber and Francis Xavier, Loyola Productions has produced AMDG -- A WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH.

Father General was quite specific about the theme and sweep of the project. He wanted the film to emphasize the charisms ("Heart," "Contemplation" and "Vision") associated with each of the first three Companions. At the same time, the film needed to reflect the global range of the contemporary Society.

AMDG -- A WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH is truly a global endeavor. Jesuit provinces worldwide funded the project. International requests were sent for video and film footage of the great variety of Jesuit apostolates. The overwhelming response included footage from provinces in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Africa. This raw material was assembled in Los Angeles by Loyola Productions' team of editors, guided by Jesuit producers Tom Rochford, Pierre Belanger, and Paul Campbell. Italian Jesuit Giuseppe Zito wrote the documentary narration.

The film also contains original dramatic material, written by Jesuit Michael Breault, which take us into the immediate world of the three Companions. Seamlessly edited into the film, the dramatic scenes provide the thematic framework for the documentary footage.

Noted film composer Matthew Ferraro was hired to provide the original score. The soundtrack was recorded at Angel Studios in London; it features classical string quartet, ethnic percussion and woodwinds, virtuoso flamenco guitar, and a 60-person mixed choir.
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Film der Jesuiten über Ignatius von Loyola, Peter Faber und Franz Xaver: ´The World Is Not Enough´ (in engl. Sprache)
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