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Aus dem Heiligen Evangelium nach Lukas - Lk 6,12-19.

In jenen Tagen ging Jesus auf einen Berg, um zu beten. Und er verbrachte die ganze Nacht im Gebet zu Gott.
Als es Tag wurde, rief er seine Jünger zu sich und wählte aus ihnen zwölf aus; sie nannte er auch Apostel.
Es waren Simon, dem er den Namen Petrus gab, und sein Bruder Andreas, dazu Jakobus und Johannes, Philippus und Bartholomäus,
Matthäus und Thomas, Jakobus, der Sohn des Alphäus, und Simon, genannt der Zelot,
Judas, der Sohn des Jakobus, und Judas Iskariot, der zum Verräter wurde.
Jesus stieg mit ihnen den Berg hinab. In der Ebene blieb er mit einer großen Schar seiner Jünger stehen, und viele Menschen aus ganz Judäa und Jerusalem und dem Küstengebiet von Tyrus und Sidon
strömten herbei. Sie alle wollten ihn hören und von ihren Krankheiten geheilt werden. Auch die von unreinen Geistern Geplagten wurden geheilt.
Alle Leute versuchten, ihn zu berühren; denn es ging eine Kraft von ihm aus, die alle heilte.

(dedicated to my seatmates and friends in the clinic and all those here who see already behind the picture.)
Neil Young wrote this once, but at that time (1979) he was maybe too young to have experienced that life goes on and on and that the light waits behind the darkness.
Better to say: the light is always there, but we keep our eyes closed. For too long times in life.
In 2005 I read an article at kath.net, one year ago Paul wrote the same article at “Die Welt” where he was working for as a correspondent in the Vatican.
I read it once and was stunned. It was different from that I ever read.. I read it twice and ordered the book he wrote:
“Das Muschelseidentuch”. Since 2006 the book was edited and sold with the title: “Das göttliche Gesicht”.
During my student years I read science fiction – stories, from Isaac Asimov, Brothers Strugatzki, Stanislaw Lem, G.C. Ballard, H.P. Lovecraft, and so on. Really sophisticated stuff, but I never read such a science-fiction which should become true.
4 months later I sat in a bus with pilgrims. Kath.net organized the first pilgrimage to the Holy Veil of Manoppello at Pentecoste 2006.
When we met in front of the church door he said: “Be aware, it is a grace to be here!”
What shall I say? 7 yrs later, at Pentecoste, my wife and me stood in front of the Holy Veil, our Italian friend Wolfi was the witness of my wife, and Paul was my best man. We are married since 1997, but we hadn`t yet the church marriage.
“but once you`re gone/ you can`t come back/ when you`re out of the blue/ and into the black.”
That was definitely the best day of my life. And I experienced 1st time in my life that there was more than darkness.
At the moment I get power again in a reha-clinic. I came with faith and love, but with not too much hope.
I`ve got it again, and the Lord will be blessed for that.
Last week, after I met a colleague from an old prayer-circle we started in 2010,we sat in a beer-garden in Großgmain, and then we told us the story of our last 7 yrs. After that "update" we went over the road, into the church, and said THANK YOU that we met again. Afterwards he made a “selfie” from the “two of us”, behind and above us the “Maria Lactans” at the fountain at the church square.
From that time on I felt the urge to revive the old prayer circle, and I prepared the contribution I would make.
2 days later, at June 5th, I was watching the volto santo at my desktop, as I did EVERY day since 2006, and I saw the man behind the picture. He looks like at this “picture” (you know that it is no picture made of mankind, it belongs to the Acheiropoieta.)
I watched this pic (Paul calls it “the pascal glance”) and the byssus-threads disappeared. I saw a human face which is living. I saw HIM. Keep me for crazy, but this is true. This is my confession. Amen.
This is how the new prayer circle was born, and the Lord himself gave blessings to it.

"pic" ©Paul, 2006
music "Hey hey my my", Neil Young
[no copyright infringement is intended]
link: "Das menschliche Antlitz Gottes", short film (25min), availible in several languages.
when you watch him from 13:50 on attentively, you can think he (Paul) takes you by his hand and you walk together the way the Apostles Patrus and Johannes did when they reached the empty tomb with the veils. at least I felt such way.

this was my confessione Parte 1 of 2

part 2 see: www.kathtube.com/player.php?id=45494 “non abbiate paura”

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