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The night before my surgery I went down to the chapel within the hospital.
I laid my life in Domenico`s hands. Afterwards the surgeon told my wife that they had much more to do than expected. Was it a dream? I saw myself from above, my body, as it lay there and twitched. And I saw when the doctor was afterdripping narcotics. I noticed that scene without sorrow or fear, more or less “unconcerned”.
The next 4 days and nights grew darker and darker, despite narcotics I had pain 7 days & nights, and every 3 hours during this week I needed additional narcotics. I became short-winded more and more, I nearly couldn`t move and change the position I was laying in bed. They found out that water has gathered within my body and that was the reason why I became shorter of breath.
At the morning of the 4th day I saw the room in which I laid somehow “more golden”. Difficult to describe: similar to the feeling when you sleep in the nature, in your tent, you wake up and notice the morning dew. It`s just cold, the morning dew, but you take a few steps and the sun rises and shines at your face. And you feel all the warmth and the peace of this early hour where only the birds can be heard. And now you have got the whole impression: the warmth, the sunlight, the clear water-drop at the grasses: you are here and you are loved.
My wife called and told me that, 1 hour ago, Paul managed that a holy mass was celebrated. For me. In Manoppello. I cried for several minutes when She told that, the tears won`t stop flowing, they were tears of happiness.
This moment lies back in the past, 10 months, but I wasn`t abel to describe it until now.
They had to make a pleural drainage because 2 ltrs of water had accumulated. From now on, very slowly, things became better.
Domenico is my “personal body-guard”. He held me -and holds me- like a child that ran to his fathter because it came into great fear. And all the fear has gone in his father`s arms, everything was good.
Grazie Domenico, for every new morning with morning dew, sunshine and the twittering of the birds, grazie dai cuori.

The night before my surgery, in the chapel, I was begging Padre Domenico not for my own life but that he would save my beloved wife, my daughter and my son from fear about my death. I wanted to live for them and give them the faith that behind the darkness there is life and light.

normally at the other side", but I`ve got it already here.

The price was not too high: Domenico wanted me to preach the vangelo. But the way like Franz v. Assisi said:

proclamare il Vangelo. se necessario, aggiungi parole ad esso

this was my confessione Parte 2 of 2

part 1 see: www.kathtube.com/player.php?id=45488 “there`s more to the picture..”

pic: Padre Domenico, 1974, from Suora Petra-Maria Steiner who is assembling wonderful stories about Padre Domenico which will be sent to the Congregation for beatification at the Vatican.

my contribution to Padre Domenico: www.kathtube.com/player.php?id=26854

on May 3rd, 2015, the "Nihil obstat" was given in the canonization process of Padre Domenico. Ray (Frost) which is a big supporter of the holy veil in USA documents all the steps of the “self-unfolding” of the holy veil since years. The expression “self-unfolding” and “iconic turn” originate from Paul, and we have got the mercy to support this and to be part of this.


at least in the link Pauls short film about Padre Domenico:

www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rq1zXoyJOQ (this film is also available in several languages)

Letter of the Apostle Paul to the Ephesians 3: 8-12: 14-19 (letter to this day, June 8th)

“Through faith, Christ lives in your heart. Rooted in love and founded on it,
Together with all the saints you should be able to measure the length and breadth, height and depth and to understand the love of Christ, which transcends all knowledge. So you become more and more filled with the fullness of God.”
Pic: Padre Domenico da Cese, 1974
Music: “Don`t fear (the reaper)”, see wiki: "this is a song by American rock band Blue Öyster Cult from their 1976 album Agents of Fortune. The song, written and sung by the band's lead guitarist Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser, deals with eternal love and the inevitability of death. Dharma wrote the song while picturing an early death for himself.
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Non abbiate paura
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