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this is the laptop of my daughter.
when She was born I looked into her eyes and it were the same eyes thann mine.
she watched me, and I fell "out of time"
for a while (1 minute, I don`t know)
I saw past, present and future at once, I was in eternity.
I`ve read that this happens often.
She was ill already as a child with 9 yrs and since that time she was threatened 3x with death.
4 yrs ago this was her favourite song.

what should I say?
I love her more than my life, and this is true word by word.

She is protected by the same man as my whole familiy: Jesus Christ the Risen +

the daily gospel see link

pic: my son, 03/2018
music: "Demons", Imagine Dragons
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Protection Mt 10,7-13
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