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Vergelt's Gott!

The Gypsy has gone...
This morning I had applications in the reha-clinic, and I was asking where the gypsy is.
6 weeks ago he got a new liver and one kidney, an he told that the earliest time those people can leave the hospital was 3 months. He came to us after 6 weeks. At the “smokers square” he noticed me because of my Egyptian cross, because he had also such a cross. He is a very funny guy and said that he “took all from live what he could get”, and he spread that joy and courage amongst us.
From the transplantation the water began to collect within his belly space, 3 or 4 liters, and he told us that he just has to go into a near clinic to dot out the water, and return in 1 or 2 days.
He was with us for 1 week. My fiend told me that they “brought him to Munich”, where the transplantation had been done 6 weeks earlier.
He was crying bitterly about that, because he liked it very much to be with us.
I`m sad that I didn`t met him since yesterday evening, but my friend has got his phone number.
Now I can send him the “song of hope”.
The 2nd thing we have in common was that we nearly died from cancer. 3x nearly died. He since 12 yrs, I since 6 yrs.
When I left our clinic for visiting my wife this weekend, I needed 8 hours “to be at home”, to “arrive with my soul”, so intensively are the impressions here.
He said at Friday evening: “We see again! I pray for you.” He is a practicing Buddhist since 14 yrs.
Now I want to reply his hope with the song I sent him, with this contribution, and I say to him: “This is a song of hope for you, We see again!”
In this live-version you can hear tango being played on guitar,from min 7:53 on, the dance of the lovers. I hope he likes it.
Be blessed, gypsy ♥

pic: my necklace I wear since 25 yrs. the first pendant was the egyptian cross from my later wife. the pendant of the volto santo I bought within the basilica minor in Manoppello at the day of our marriage. the "wonderful medal" I got from a very fine swiss lady who lives at this place since years, at the same day. the medal of "Maria Weißenstein" I got 2016 there, 6 weeks before my big surgery. the silver medal of our Gospa I got from a croatic colleague, Marijan, which was there and geve it to me at my last day at work, 2 days before surgery.

music: "stairway to heaven", Led Zeppelin, 1976. Madison suare garden
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my respect & gratitude to the chief here once again. that he gave me the status as a "trusted user". this is a very fine thing, and I can tell you that it helps healing! thank you dai cuore, Roland.

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the Gypsy has gone
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