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The elder of us know the 70`s and the 80`s.
In my intention it were times we were allowed to dream. To watch the world with childs eyes although we were grown up.
You could read between the lines, you could see behind the picture.
People did their lives slower but as a whole. They brought things to an end.
They listened a whole song, heard a whole speech, and they thought about a theme until they “arrived”.
If you have been in love with someone, you sent her a letter because you didn`t dare to take the phone.
And if you sent one letter you were happy to receive the answer one week later. We had time to live.
And time to believe.
What do I see nowadays? I see really dark times. People don`t finish anymore. They ain`t able to bring things to an end. they can not even wait to die anymore. These days I read about a hundred year old who didn`want to live anymore and took the pill to die.

Be honest: could we imagine in the 80`s that it would become such dark?

The so called “information-society” has shown its true face: it is a desinformation-society. We have millions of truths today, everybody can find his own truth in the www. And everybody is alone with it.
We have got so much information, 1000x as much as in the 80`s.

But they don`t say anymore if the information is right.

In the libraries you had still the feeling that someone decides what books are available. That were people which felt a responsibility. And they could do this because there were values of what is good and what is bad.

We haven`t got any values nowadays, we don`t know the difference between good and bad anymore, we are free and alone. This is horrific, and that is no bad science-fiction, that is the truth.

If I had would have wrote that in the 80`s, nobody would have printed this because it would be “too dark”.

Something has happened, and this is really bad. I always protected myself from this “modern times”.
It are devilish times, and he walks around proudly with his glimmering clothes. So many adore him without knowing that they do that. Even within the german church. Make an end of this, dear Mother Mary. Amen.

be honest one last time: things and behaviours we considered as crazy or bad in the 80`s are often seen as normal nowadays. and things which were normal are attacked agressively from the "mainstream" which we call the "Zeitgeist" which is nothing else than the liar from the beginning.

I read about a french female mystic (30 yrs ago)that the apocalypse won`t be an atomic war or a climate catastrophy but it would happen that nearly everybody becomes crazy.

if nowadays you are in a room with 10 people, and 8 of them say, that 2 are crazy, and you are one of the 2, you can be sure that you are right and normal.

Keep your dreams and tell them your children ♥

pic: feast in Manoppello, May 18th, 2013

music: "una notte a Roma", Alice (Carla Bissi), 1984
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keep your dreams and your faith
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