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“I'm coming home, I'm coming home, now you can taste it in the wind, the war is over”

When I came home today a short distance from home, I remembered this song, which I knew since 1976 (the song is from 1973). With me I brought a figure of the “Madonna Lactans” of Großgmain.

In combination with the 2 faces (at my avatar you see the Lady with the Austrian heaven (sky ), looking down to earth and giving nutricious milk to the earth, the other side shows HER eyes looking to heaven. Crossing HER hands over HER heart)

This statue is No. 42 which is sold since 2003. You get HER consecrated from Fr. Schwarzberger if you wish. 140€, this is –with gilded star-wreath ans half moon- really not too much.

For further information contact Fr. Schmatzberger (see link)

The spiritual value of this Madonna, which is SINGULAR in the whole world (M. lactans with two faces) is, of course, priceless.

I can really everyone advice to have such a Madonna in his house. I have HER at home now, until I bring her back to Großgmain, because I know –after this strange (positive!) 4 weeks at rehab-clinic in Bayrisch Gmain- we`ll be looking forward to live at this place.
I dream to be there before Christmas...

Sometimes I think, to find HER at the “twin village”, was the real destination to me. Seing HER and bringing HER home was –to me- determination.
As we were children, my father told us (he had to go to war with 16 yrs), that the elder people always said:
“this cannot continue like that. There must be a war”…

What a bullshit, which took the life of 60-65 Mio souls directly affected with war action, and estimated 80 Mio souls as a whole (nearly 6 Mio Jews in III. Reich) all over.

In our dead modern world of today, where the victims of the “modern war” die in Millions and Millions,
through abortion of the unborn souls and –rising numbers- euthanasia of the old which cannot take place in the “hamster wheel” anymore, I feel that the dissatisfaction of the masses is already in this state like my father told from that times shortly before the great war.

Do you think that the Lady and heaven have been untouched from our dark times?

Learn again to live with love and without hate, otherwise history will repeat.

..by the way: this is no prophety or messages or something like that. this theme is prone for some christians.
just use your heart and your brain to ask that questions, and you can answer to yourself like I did.

Dear Lady of Großgmain, protect us from the evil. Amen.
lyrics of "Road to Moscow"

They crossed over the border, the hour before dawn
Moving in lines through the day
Most of our planes were destroyed on the ground where they lay
Waiting for orders we held in the wood
Word from the front never came
By evening the sound of the gunfire was miles away
Ah, softly we move through the shadows, slip away through the trees
Crossing their lines in the mists in the fields on our hands and on our knees
And all that I ever
Was able to see
The fire in the air glowing red
Silhouetting the smoke on the breeze
All summer they drove us back through the Ukraine
Smolensk and Viasma soon fell
By autumn we stood with our backs to the town of Orel
Closer and closer to Moscow they come
Riding the wind like a bell
General Guderian stands at the crest of the hill
Winter brought with her the rains, oceans of mud filled the roads
Gluing the tracks of their tanks to the ground while the sky filled with snow
And all that I ever
Was able to see
The fire in the air glowing red
Silhouetting the snow on the breeze
In the footsteps of Napoleon the shadow figures stagger through the winter
Falling back before the gates of Moscow, standing in the wings like an avenger
And far away behind their lines the partisans are stirring in the forest
Coming unexpectedly upon their outposts, growing like a promise
You'll never know, you'll never know which way to turn, which way to look you'll never see us
As we're stealing through the blackness of the night
You'll never know, you'll never hear us
And the evening sings in a voice of amber, the dawn is surely coming
The morning roads lead to Stalingrad, and the sky is softly humming
Two broken Tigers on fire in the night
Flicker their souls to the wind
We wait in the lines for the final approach to begin
It's been almost four years that I've carried a gun
At home it will almost be spring
The flames of the Tigers are lighting the road to Berlin
Ah, quickly we move through the ruins that bow to the ground
The old men and children they send out to face us, they can't slow us down
And all that I ever
Was able to see
The eyes of the city are opening
Now it's the end of the dream
I'm coming home, I'm coming home, now you can taste it in the wind, the war is over
And I listen to the clicking of the train-wheels as we roll across the border
And now they ask me of the time that I was caught behind their lines and taken prisoner
"They only held me for a day, a lucky break, " I say they turn and listen closer
I'll never know, I'll never know why I was taken from the line and all the others
To board a special train and journey deep into the heart of holy Russia
And it's cold and damp in the transit camp, and the air is still and sullen
And the pale sun of October whispers the snow will soon be coming
And I wonder when I'll be home again and the morning answers "Never"
And the evening sighs, and the steely Russian skies go on forever

Songwriter: Alistair Ian Stewart
Pic: scan of my certificate
Music: „roads to Moscow“, Al Stewart, 1973
[no copyright infringement is intended]
Inspiration: the Lady of Großgmain and coming home to my wife ♥
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I`m coming home - the war is over - is the war over?
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