The light
Begin to bleed
Begin to breathe
Begin to speak
D'you know what?
I love you better now
I am falling
Like a stone
Like a storm
Being born again
Into the sweet morning fog
D'you know what?
The love you better now
I'm falling
And I'd love to hold you know
I'll kiss the ground
I'll tell my mother
I'll tell my father
I'll tell my loved one
I'll tell my brothers
How much I love them

Book of Ezekiel 16, 6
Then I passed by and saw you weltering in your blood. I said to you: Live in your blood
and grow like a plant in the field.

at the balkony, 5 am, like every morning in summer.
took tje 3rd times the dosis of 120% Regorafenib.
yesterday my wife felt much prayer for uns.
my dear daughter and her dear friend were visiting us,
they do it like we 15 yrs ago: holding each other, staying.

even yesterday I felt better tha the day before yesterday.
maybe my 3rd "resurrection" within 1 year +++

music: "The Morning Fog", Live at the Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith, London, UK; August 26, 2014
[no copyright infringement is intended]

lyrics: Kate Bush

daily gospel excerpt: www.evangeliumtagfuertag.org/AM/gospel/2018-08-17

link: to my beloved

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The Morning Fog - Book of Ezechiel 16, 6
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